Welcome Back to Scorephoria (It’s Alive)

scophos_biggerWelcome back old friends to the new reborn Scorephoria.com.  In the past Scorephoria was home to a wonderful group of people.  It is our wish that many of our friends will join us once again.  In the past this site was dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date information on games and gamer related news.  Although we will not forget our past (WE STILL PLAY GAMES!), we have chosen a new path for Scorephoria that will enable us to discuss a wider range of topics.  Topics we will discuss will include but not be limited to: gaming, technology, movies, music, and hell maybe even the weather :) .  We will be asking some of our old writers to return to discuss their favorite topics and maybe along the way gathering a few new writers. Please feel free to contact us anytime @ webmaster@scorephoria.com .

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